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We address these five areas of concern

Liquidity- We feel that the basis of a great, comfortable financial plan is liquidity. We make sure that you have enough cash on hand at all times to meet you "opportunity" needs and wishes when they surface

Cash Flow- Cash flow simply means---how much money do you have coming in on a monthly basis from various sources, in order to continue to maintain the lifestyle that you have built for your family during those working years---after the paychecks stop coming in.

Growth- After satisfying your liquidity and cash flow requirements with "safe money" guaranteed investments, we place the balance of your investable assets in a position of growth for future needs. This may necessitate additional risk for additional growth; however, even if these assets are exposed to downside risk, your lifestyle will not be at risk, or compromised.

Tax Mitigation- Due to our ability to offer our clients the best of the securities industry along with the best of the insurance industry, we are able to design many of our financial plans with substantial, if not huge tax savings, often for several years into the future.

Wealth Transfer- Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is to design your estate plan to transfer your left over wealth to the next generation in the most efficient tax-wise method that is possible within the confines of current laws.